the Armstrongs | family photography

It was a joy to photograph the Armstrong family recently.
Sarah (mom) had warned me that all previous experiences with 
getting family pictures done had pretty much been disastrous for a variety of reasons.
Well in my opinion, our session couldn't have gone better.
The kids were smiling and interacting with me,
they were having a great time as a family and we had pushed our
luck on a day that was forecasting storms and the weather held out beautifully.

Sarah told me that Will (dad) is the "fun" parent.
I think you'll see what she means.
But I think she is a fun parent for letting Will be a fun parent.
Zach, Tyler and Cory are all wonderful kids with
great personalities and I had so much fun watching them
interact with each other and with their parents.
They all just have fun!
Fun, fun, fun.
Fun family. All of them.
Looking at these photos makes you want to get to know them,
wouldn't you agree?
It was wonderful working with you, Armstrongs!
And I am looking forward to getting to know you all better.
Thanks for a wonderful session.

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