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the Butler|Ferguson families | holiday mini sessions

I always love seeing the Butlers and this year was especially memorable because there were some new additions to the family! Three in fact: Kelli's new husband Calvin Ferguson and his two kids Yanaii and Tre. They were awesome and I am so happy for all of them! As usual these guys rocked the shoot and look amazing. We had a little excitement when about half way through we were "kicked off" the grounds of the RCC due to a wedding that was taking place. That was a first for me and a few other photographers that were there also. But we all took in stride and were able to finish up without a hitch.
A few of my favorites to follow...

the K family | maryland holiday mini sessions

It was wonderful as always to see the Kramer family
and how much their kiddos have grown.
Last time I saw them Josh was a tiny baby! Oh how time flies.
I loved how Peyton was such a good big sister, looking after her little brother.
And those curls!!
We had a great session and I love how these turned out.

the D family | maryland holiday mini sessions

Moving right along to my next family, these guys are also so joyful together. After a bit of a chaotic start due to a miscommunication about our location, the Durose's settled in like pros and I was quickly able to capture some wonderful lifestyle shots of the family just enjoying one another. Mom, Sara, did a wonderful job dressing everyone to coordinate without being matchy matchy and in the end they just looked fantastic.

the C family | maryland holiday mini sessions

This was the first of a set of Mini Sessions at the Rockville Civic Center back in October. Maryland weather is so unpredictable but we were blessed with a lovely fall afternoon. I met the Cindy's family for the first time right before our session and was quickly enchanted with their joyful smiles and peaceful demeanor...right down to baby Isaac who literally smiled the ENTIRE time. No joke! He and Adah were so sweet and cooperative. Within a very short time we had some wonderful family shots - it was one of the easiest sessions of the year. Thank you Crary's! Until next time...

the Morris family | family lifestyle photography

In case you can't tell, David and Karen (previous post) are siblings - they are all so photogenic! Karen introduced me to Jessica and David a few years back and it has been so wonderful to watch the Morris family grow! Chloe and Camille are super adorable and I loved the outfits Jess picked for them. David was a trooper keeping his girls engaged...he's going to have his hands full fighting off the boys in a few years! Here are a few of my faves.

the Sherwoods | family lifestyle photography

We had some beautiful light for my session with the Sherwoods and they looked awesome as usual.
There was something about this year with Easton and Kiley. They are right on the verge of going from being big little kids to big big kids and it's bittersweet. I'm going to blink and in a few years they will be teenagers. I know, because it's happened to my kids!
Anyway, I'm waxing sentimental. It's always a pleasure to photograph Jason and Karen then their adorable LITTLE kids. :)