Andrew and Hannah | maryland wedding photography

There are so many things I could say about this wedding.
How the rain that had been spitting and threatening all day held off and disappeared right before the ceremony started. How relaxed and calm Hannah was as she was waiting in the house. How Andrew could NOT stop smiling the entire time. How cute were all the decorations and how beautiful the grounds of the Billingsley House. How much fun everyone had dancing at the reception - from the youngest to the oldest. How awesome the minister's mustache was. How the First Dance was the cutest thing I have ever seen. How amazingly personal and sweet and emotional their vows were. How intimate their little whispers in each others ear during the ceremony. How excited they were to be getting married. How easy they were to photograph because they were just being themselves in love and for all they knew I was a fly on the wall. But I think the thing that stood out was how completely in their own world and 100% completely in love Andrew and Hannah were. I'm not sure I have ever seen a bride and groom so lost in each other. Somehow they managed to be fully engaged with their friends and family and yet at the same time wrapped in a bubble of joyous bliss. Wow. It was amazing!

Andrew and Hannah, it was truly an honor to be at your wedding to capture these precious moments. Thank you for inviting me. I wish you all the joy that marriage can bring and pray that your joy in each other carries you through anything you face together.

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Beautiful wedding and BEAUTIFUL images. <3

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