Sunrise | newborn photography

This past fall when I photographed the Saltzman family, there were only four of them.
Now there are five. Baby Sunrise (love that name!) made her adorable appearance a few short weeks ago and their family will never be the same. Her siblings are still adjusting to having
this tiny new person in their lives but they love her and they were excited for me to meet Sunny.
Life is full of adventure (read: diapers, snacks, runny noses, bumped heads, blankies, crying, baby blow-outs, cuddles, pillow fights, wrestling, and plenty of cuteness) when you have 3, 2 and zero.
Our session had just about all of that.
But I loved it - it's real life. And it's a happy life, albeit exhausting for Dad and Mom.
It was a joy to capture some of those precious moments and the fleeting newborn days of Sunrise.
She probably already looks so different.

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