the Saltzmans | maryland family portrait photography

Last year I met Storm for the first time...she was a wee thing then, only
two months old. Now she is 1 and is coming into her own as the
girlie in the house.  It was such fun photographing Stormy and her big brother
Boaz. They are both so adorable and have the cutest personalities.
Storm is a Mama's girl and has her opinions about what she does
or doesn't want her brother to do even at this young age.
Boaz is so sweet and patient with her, just as a big brother should be.

I loved how Skye, their mom, dressed them all.
It was a beautiful early fall day and despite the wedding that was
happening at our location that we had to work around, I love the shots we were able to get.
Thank you, Saltzman family for a great session.
I hope you love your photos!


Skye said...

You did it again! I'm not sure how you got these beautiful photos out of what seemed to be a disaster session, due to my crying little one! You truly are a gifted photographer. Thank you! We couldn't be happier!

Cara said...

Oooh, peacock colors! Gorgeous!

I love Boaz's piercing blue eyes and Storm's deep brown next to each other in that one where they're both looking right at the camera. Great job, Jonalee!

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