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I recently had the privilege of doing a Big Happy Family session with
the Smarts. I've known the Smarts since my family moved to Maryland in 1985
and their oldest daughter Eva quickly became one of my best friends. We were 9.
Since I recently turned 36, that means we've been friends for 25 years. Wow.
1. That means I'm old and 2. it's really awesome that I am still really close with Eva
after all these years. I am so blessed!

Anyway, Rod and Pam have five wonderful children (Eva, Danna, Neil, Luke and Ryan)
and now they all have (or are having) children of their own. The kids got together and gave this photo session as a gift to Pam and it's especially meaningful since one of her sons, Luke and his wife Christina are relocating to Africa in a few short weeks. It may be a while until they
are all together again. It was an honor to take these photos for them.

You will notice that this is one good-looking family.
The kids are all adorable (read: Gap ad worthy) and they all did such
a great job during our shoot. Personally, I am not about getting a "picture perfect plastic smile" from every kid during a shoot. I'd rather capture a bit of their personality, even if it means they aren't looking directly at the camera or are even frowning. That's real life, eh?
There is lots of personality going on in the photos with the kids. I love it!

Also, Rod and Pam do not look old enough to even have grandkids.
I love the photos of the kids with their Mimi. Pam is a wonderful grandma (she
has more energy than me on caffeine) and she is such a joyful servant.
What a wonderful heritage these kids have in their family and what a wonderful legacy
Rod and Pam have in these kids.

Thank you guys for being so awesome! I'm so glad I can say I know you.


Christina said...

Thanks again, Jonalee! We will enjoy these photos for a long time to come.

Jeff Truesdale said...

great stuff here - Love you people!

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