Camille | maryland newborn lifestyle photography

The first photos I ever took of Camille were before she was born
when I photographed her sweet family this past fall. She was just a cute little baby bump then
and still had a couple more months to go before she made her appearance.
Then she surprised everyone and decided to come early.
She was tiny, somewhere around 5 lbs. of pure perfection.
When I finally met her, she was a few weeks old and much bigger than when she was born
(a whopping 7 lbs or so),but still so so no less perfect. She is so pretty.

You know how it is with babies. We all say how cute they are but it is actually
really rare that a tiny baby is really cute (that's why we use words like "precious" and "sweet").
And that's ok because they ARE precious and sweet even if they look like little gnomes.

Well I can honestly say that Camille is one of the prettiest little babies I have ever seen.

Her mamma and her big sister are pretty too and I loved capturing some Morris girls
moments. Pretty soon these two little ones will be tearing up the neighborhood and dazzling the boys and having some good old sisters arguments about who's stuff is on the wrong side of the bathroom sink and borrowing each others clothes....these tiny days go by way too fast.
I'm honored that I could capture even a fraction of them.

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