Eric and Brittney | maryland engagement photography

I met Eric and Brittney at the Rio for our engagement session.
Prior to that I had only talked on the phone with Eric, who was awesome.
I was so impressed that he was taking the initiative on finding a photographer
for his wedding.
On the day of our session, I totally forgot to tell Eric what I would be wearing so that
we could find each other amidst the Saturday crowds.
I stood there with my camera, trying not to be too obvious as I scrutinized each couple that walked by... "Do they look like they are going to a photo shoot?" I knew Brittney was getting her make up
done for it.
It turned out there was a mix up in our meeting spot so after a few more minutes, Eric called me and said they'd be coming over the bridge in a minute.
As soon as I saw them I knew our shoot was going to be something special.
Brittney is effortlessly gorgeous and she has so much fun with Eric.
They were like little kids together. So sweet but not afraid to be themselves and be silly.
I loved it! They made my job so easy and I absolutely love how these turned out.

Eric and Brittney, you rocked the camera and I can't wait until your wedding in June!

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