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It was cold and rainy on Sunday and I had scheduled this session with Christine a while back.
The weather has been so yuck and unpredictable lately so we agreed to wait
until the last minute to make a call.
At 4:00 it was still drizzly and the temps were in the high 40's.
Hardly ideal photo shoot weather.
But Grandpa and Grandma were in town and we all decided just to go for it.

I am so glad we did!

The rain stopped just as we all arrived and held off right until the end.
Looking at these images you would have no idea.
The girls looked like little Gap ads and anything is always more fun
when Grandpa and Grandma are there!

Thank you Joe, Christine, Madison, Caroline, Bruce and Susan
for an amazing shoot. You all were such troopers and you look fantastic.
I hope you agree that it was all worth it.

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Cara said...

One of my favorite families, Jonalee, and you did SUCH a great job capturing them.

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