the Weinsteins | family photography

What do you get when you add
a beautiful day + an adorable family + a bunch of colorful balloons?
Lots of great images and a ton of fun.

I love photographing Adam, Alisa, Mia and Derek.
Alisa is full of creative ideas and always thinks ahead to what
might be cute and fun (last year it was lollipops and adorable outfit changes).
Adam tries to act like he's not that into the cute stuff,
(I could not convince him to kiss Alisa while holding the balloons)
but wait until you get to the end of the post and see what he pulled out.
Uh-huh. Right.  He's got his own homeboy ideas up his sleeve!
Love it!!
And the kids have quite their own little sparkly personalities.

It was really hard to narrow this post down
because there were so many fun shots,
but I think these are a good representation of our time together.

Thanks, Weinstein family! You rock!

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