Robert and Chantel | maryland wedding photography

"You had me at slacker"....
She engraved it on the pocket watch she gave him and he read it in his vows to her.
When Robert's sister finally convinced Chantel to go out with him, they arranged to meet up one evening but somehow he got the timing wrong and texted her a message before they met. She wrote back, "Slacker". And right then he knew, this girl was special.
He had already checked her pictures out on Facebook and one of the first things he noticed was her beautiful smile. Robert loves a beautiful smile.
When they finally connected in person, it took no time at all to figure out that they had each met their soulmates.

The ceremony was very personal and emotional with tears and laughter. Robert and Chantel each have two beautiful children and they wanted them to be a part of the ceremony in a special way, not the least of which was a dance that seemed to catch on to the entire bridal party. Ah-hem.
The reception was a wonderful continuation of the celebration of these two gorgeous people finding each other. They are perfect together and together with their children it was the start of an amazing family.

Robert and Chantel, I was so honored to have a front row seat at your beautifully moving wedding.
Thank you for allowing me to be a part!

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Robert Meyers said...

The pleasure was all ours. We were blessed to have found you. From our very first phone conversation with you to right this very second, we knew we had made the right choice to work with you. You were AWESOME. It felt to us like you were part of of the family. Youn were there for eveything but you blended in with everyone so it never felt to us like you had a camera shoved in our faces all night. We look at some of the photos and ask each did Jonalee get this shot? I don't remember seeing her at that time. There are so many wonderful moments that you captured for us that we didn't notice the day of the wedding. The smiles and tears that you were able to capture melt our hearts. We would absolutely tell anyone that asks that they should hands down go with you for any occasion. Thank you...thank you...thank are GREAT!

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