Jim and Joanie | engagement

I LOVE this story.

Jim and Joanie dated in high school and their families were friends, but as time went on they went their separate ways and got married and got jobs and lived life.
As their stories went, they each ended up getting divorced. Jim lived in the south and pursued his career and became a granddad. Joanie lived here and worked as a teacher in a private school.
But their paths were destined to cross and I believe it was one of their moms who got them connected again sometime last year. They started to keep in touch long distance, but then, as destiny (or Providence) would have it,  Jim's job ended up bringing him back to the area and they were able to pick up their long time friendship in person.
Well, it didn't take them very long at all to realize that whatever feelings they had for each other in high school quickly came back in full force and before they knew it they were head over heels in love. And when I say head over heels, I mean completely head over heels! As Jim and Joanie like to say, they are twitterpated.

This photo is a remake of a photo that Joanie's mom found of the two of them when they were dating in high school. They look like the same happy kids...just a few years older!

It was a blast taking this couple's photos. I couldn't get them to stop smiling and laughing. They are so cute! They are so thrilled to have found each other again and as Jim said, "It's so much better at 50!" I can't wait to photograph their wedding this June!
Enjoy the rest of their photos.

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