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What do you get when you combine a 90 degree day with
humidity and bugs and tired little boys who are recovering from being sick?
Well, not normally a photo shoot.
But that's what we had when I met up with Daniel and Christine and
their boys Jack and Owen.
Not the most ideal circumstances.
But these cuties were troopers!!! I was so proud of them when we finished.

And what a beautiful family they are.
Not just in looks (and they are that!), but in how they love each other
and laugh together and enjoy life and are so genuine.
I loved how Daniel and Christine made our time together into something fun
for the boys even though they were probably feeling pretty miserable at times.
And I loved watching the boys respond to their parents and enter
in to the joy of just being together.
And the result is that you would never know anything from these
photos except that this family adores being together.

Thank you, Daniel and Christine, Jack and Owen
for a wonderful shoot!

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