the kniesels | maryland family portrait photography

Meet the Kniesels.
Markus and Kati, Joanna, Jenna and Jonathan.
They are from Germany.
I wish I could say that I went to Germany to photograph them,
but I didn't.
Instead we met at the Maryland Agricultural Farm.

Markus and Kati came last fall to the Gaithersburg area so that
Markus could go to the Sovereign Grace Pastors College.
They will be heading home in June and taking everything they've learned
 to help build the church in Germany.

This is the sweetest family.
You only have to be around Kati for a few minutes
to know that she genuinely takes an interest in whoever she is with.
Markus has a great sense of humor
and the kids are all  so adorable.
Everyone was so cooperative that the whole session
was pure delight.

Well I could go on, but I better get to some photos.
Thank  you Kniesel family!
I hope these photos will bring back fond memories
of your time in the U.S.

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