my four | maryland child portrait photography

I'll be honest,
when I tell my four wonderful children
that we are going to do a photo shoot,
their response is usually less than enthusiastic.

I don't get it!
What could be more fun than getting dressed up and 
hanging out in a cool location and being the star of the show?
Apparently there are other things that would be a little more exciting.
Who knew?

Anyway, while we were on vacation
in the Outer Banks, NC over Thanksgiving,
I took advantage of the warm weather and beautiful 
neighborhood to take some shots.

I freely admit to being biased,
but I have to say I think they are some good looking kids
and we are super blessed to have them.
And in the end, they always end up having fun despite their
protests.  Having Dad standing behind me making
goofy faces usually does the trick.

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Will and Sena said...

A few more years and Tim and Ellie will be breaking a few hearts! Goodnes gracious! You do have some good-looking kids =)
Love you!

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