the Greens | maryland family portraits

One of my dreams as a child photographer
is to photograph some red-headed adorableness.
There is just something about little kids with red
hair that is soooo cute.

My dream came true when I photographed the Green
family and discovered that Lily has beautiful
red hair! I had met Lily before when
she came trick-or-treating to our house with our neighbors,
the Sherwoods. But she must have had
a costume covering her head 
because I did not remember the red hair.

Anyway, Lily was so precious with her
little side smile and big brown eyes and her sister Ivy 
was just as adorable. (Don't you love their names?)
Together they make quite a cute pair and I have to say
that this was one of my favorite shoots of the season.
Oh my gosh I could have photographed them all day.
Merry Cuteness from the Greens!

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