Wyatt and Riley | littles photography

I had some of my favorite subjects over the other week for a photo shoot 
and just before they arrived it started snowing.  
Uh, we were not planning on snow.  I had no idea it was in the forecast!
But they were here and ready to go, so we decided to just go for it anyway.
Wyatt and Riley were such little troopers!!
It was wet and cold and there were some tears but they made it through and then
we went inside to finish up with a few of sweet baby Riley (2 months) where it was nice and warm.
I was pretty happy with the way the photos turned out given the circumstances.
And honestly, it's hard to go wrong with these guys because as their mom says, 
"They are uber cute!" 
I couldn't agree more.

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Amy said...

I love the colors in these pics, and they kiddos are SO adorable!!

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