the Apolenis clan | family photography

Talk about one BIG happy family.
It was a blast to photograph all of the Apolenis family the day after Thanksgiving.
We've sort of been planning this for months so we were really glad that we were able to do it.
The day was cold and windy but everyone made it and all the kids did so great.

I've known this family since I was in 5th grade when I was in class with Jason and Eric, the two oldest sons.
Back then there were only four or five kids. 
Now there are eight, with seven grandchildren between them.
It'd definitely a strange feeling when I feel like the last time I'd seen some of these guys 
they were running around causing trouble in school 
(not real trouble of course, just the normal elementary boy stuff)
...and here they were with their wives and kiddos, all grown up and mature.

Anyway, they are such a great family.
You can tell they love each other a lot.
Rick and Loretta, you have done a wonderful job raising your children!
What a heritage you have.

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