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The Webers are Rock Stars.
We were supposed to meet at 2 p.m., or so I thought.
Jen thought we were supposed to meet at 2:30.
I was waiting and waiting and they finally showed up,
but we only had about 20 minutes until my next session.
That's why the Webers are Rock Stars.
Because they were awesome even though we had to move quick.
AND. Jen was right. I had said to meet at 2:30.
So it was my fault that we were short on time.

Anyway, they are also Rock Stars because don't they look like it?
All those beautiful girls and TJ....yeah.

It was lots of fun, guys! Thanks for being patient with me!
(or, not so patient in some cases...)

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Jen said...

You did an amazing job Jonalee just like I knew you would. That why it was so hard for me to wait to see these.

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