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This session was with my beautiful sister, Amy, and her handsome boys
(Mark, David, Xan and Luca).
Luca wasn't too interested in being still, but that's par for the course when you're 19 months.
We managed to squeeze a few in when he wasn't looking. ;) 
I love how the boys interact with each other and of course I'm biased about how cute they are.
Thanks for asking me to take your pics. 
I love you guys!


Conner Clan said...

Amy is probly one of the most stunning woman I know!!!! Amazing how onr family can have so many Beautiful woman in it! <3 you ladies!

zebrapants said...

I agree with the above comment, Amy is so beautiful.

Katie said...

Hey JonaLee!! Been a LONG time! These pictures are stunning!

Was trying to track you & Amy down on Facebook, but couldn't find you =0). LOVE these pictures!! Haven't seen the boys since Christmas 2 years ago...can't believe how big they are...and how much little Luca looks like a Schickler =0). Miss you guys! Don't have your email address anymore and not sure if I have the correct one for drop me a all is well w/you and the extended family...think of you all often! Not sure when we'll get back for another visit, but you ALL are always welcome down here =0)! Lots of Love, Katie Perna xoxoxo

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